Monstaboy produced one of the all-time garage classics back in 1998.

The production team Dangerous Davey E and Steve Stickz Heyliger first started out making techno and rave music before the duo moved onto Garage, which was the sound of the moment sweeping the UK. “I’m Sorry (I didn’t know)” was released on white label in 1999 through Essential distribution, after a slow start the song took off. It was championed on countless pirate radio stations throughout London, and the by the Dreem Teem on Radio 1. Where it was voted the 60 yarder three weeks in a row, this gave the song national recognition and propelled it into the national charts. It has appeared on well over 100 compilation cd’s from then until now, and amassed well over 6 million YouTube views without an official video. It also featured in Radio 1’s live lounge and there are dozens of covers, with at least 20 different mixes of the song to date.

Fast forward to present times and Monstaboy’s extensive back catalogue will be getting the full digital treatment, reproduced by a host of fresh young producers & artists from around the UK. and will be made available through all digital outlets.

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Monsta Boy are a two man production team, namely Dangerous ‘Davey E and Steve ‘Stickz’ Heyliger. The two have been making music together since 1990’s, under many different pseudonyms. Most notably in 2000 as Monsta Boy with the garage favourite ‘I’m Sorry(I didn’t know). The track entered the national charts and went on to establish the name Monsta Boy, as the tune turned into a classic played at clubs and festivals worldwide. In that time the two have gone on to work with many artists across multiple music genres, and have amassed an extensive catalogue of music.

One hit wonders? We think not! You have probably been moved by various tunes on the dance floor, without knowing they were produced by the two friends. Things are set to change as the focus moves too the younger generation, as they take up the baton look out for high energy Dj and MC Monsta Boy sets.

As well as exciting new live performances, from some brand new artists in clubs and at festivals near you.